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Walkie Talkie Now In Nepal, Easily in your Hand!

Walkie Talkie are wireless, hand-held radio transceivers, which can both send and receive radio messages, that are small enough to take anywhere. They are portable radios thus communicates wirelessly (using radio waves), on a single, shared frequency band .They look a lot like cordless phone handsets, with each battery –powered unit that has a transmitter/ receiver and antenna (for sending and receiving radio waves), a loudspeaker that acts as a microphone when you talk into it, and a button to “push –to –talk” (PTT).The speaker is so much louder, such that anyone within earshot can follow the conversation. Walkie talkie in the most basic form, transmit on a frequency from an antenna. It works on a half-duplex channel, that means only one person at a time can talk, but everyone on the same frequency channel can listen. Every Walkie talkie has a push-to-talk button that starts the transmission. While you have the switch on, only you can talk and everyone can listen. Although walkie talkie did start for military purpose, it has branched into different areas. It is normally used in construction work sites, big rig truck uses walkie talkie called CB radio to talk to other truckers, used by Police enforcement and also in recreational games such as wood paintball or airsoft games. Features include: • Direct Instant communication. • Free means of communication. • Convenient. • Simple and easy to use. • They are good bit of fun (especially for children). For contact: Decade International Pvt.Ltd. Samakhusi, Town planning, P.O.Box: 3274 Kathmandu-29, Nepal Phone: +977 1 4383043, 4381281 Web:

Date:2014-07-27 10:14:47
Location: ktm, Nepal.
Contact:, 4381281.

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