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Trekking Essentials for Trekkers

Are you planning for trekking in Nepal?? Being a trekking lover I must say I enjoy everything about the trekking journey, from the packing time until returning home with plenty of memories. Trekking is not something easy to deal with because you may have the confidence to walk but not that you have to carry only your body to the destination, you will have yourself a good backpack and essential stuff for the whole journey. But yes with potters you can also walk free. Also being a novice trekker I researched different important list for the backpack essentials for trekking and now I feel I am ready for another trek. There are many packing essentials that you must know before heading to the journey. Nowadays most of us no longer live much closer to nature and are used to the easy availability of things we need. Keeping in mind that during trekking there may occur lot of emergent issues, we should be aware about it beforehand. Here are some of the lists reminding you the necessary backpack. • Water bottle The most important essential you should always carry a water bottle and refill it whenever you get a chance from natural streams. You have to walk for long distances where you will sweat a lot and hydrating yourself is very important. You can't expect to buy a water bottle while in the journey because there are rarely any shops plus they will be very expensive too. • Dry foods Walking for hours and hours are really tough and you can get hungry in the middle of nowhere, carrying dry foods for yourself is the best option to tackle with a prepared journey. Foods like chocolates, dry fruits and energy bars will help you keep motivated to step ahead and your health won't be affected much. • Torchlight or flashlight Your journey sometimes exceeds day time before reaching the camp so you will need to direct the path with torch light. Lights are never a load to your backpack. • Trek pants You are walking for days with many efforts so it's better to get comfy with trek pants. Trek pants helps you take good step without getting stuck into your own walk. Also, pockets in those pants will help you keep your stuff easily stored. • Sun block, lip balms, sunscreen Protecting skin is another important to keep in mind while trekking. Sunburn are difficult to get rid of so you should have your protection lotion. • Trek route map Even if you are travelling with your friends, there is a chance you can miss the circle. If you keep a map for yourself then there's less chance of losing the trail. • First aid kit and toiletries You must carry basic medical kit with creams for burns and bruises, antiseptic lotions, bandages, band-aids etc. you never know how helpful it can be to you or your fellow trekker. • Knife Knives are handy for many cases. It is a good companion for trekking and hiking. You can avoid many obstacles with a small knife. • Hand sanitizer Sweaty body and unwanted germs are heavily flooded during the treks, so you must sanitize yourself and care about your health. Hand sanitizer helps you keep clean and free from germs. • Hat , cap and sunglasses To avoid the direct effect from the sun and keep your head cool it's important to have a hat or cap and sunglasses. They make you feel comfortable and less tired from the sun. These are only a few of the important stuff to carry for your needs. There are a lot more things to carry for your personal good and your preferences. I hope the above list of things will be helpful in planning and completing your trekking. To make your trekking more effective and memorable we the team of Messenger Travel and Tours provide you the full itineraries and related information about the trek. Come Nepal with curiosity and return back with memories. For more detail ring up on 9851214726 and visit us on for more detail or you can visit our office at Thamel, Kathmandu near Marsyangdhi Hotel.

Date:2019-09-22 10:58:14
Location: Kathmandu, United States of America.
Contact:, 9851214726.

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