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New Rare and Endangered Species found in Nepal- Bird watching tour

Nepal is famous for its rich biodiversity. Various floura, founa and Wildlife can be found here Due to its favorable climate. After seven month long research conducted by Mr kushal shrestra and his team with the help of Chandra Gurung foundation, they were able to spot four species of rare and endangered birds in the gorkha region of Nepal. These birds are listed in the endangered categories due to their numbers rapidly decreasing in the recent years. It is suggested that due to rapid climate change and deforestation these birds have migrated to this region. These are the species of the birds found in Nepal. Among them, three rare species of birds belonging to the bird family of Accipitridae. White-Rumped Vulture: The white-rumped vulture is listed as the critically endangered on the IUCN red list since 2000. The main reason of its number decreasing is that large numbers of white-rumped vultures die due to renal failure caused by diclofenac poisoning. As of 2016 their numbers have reached less than 10,000. Currently there are 57 white-rumped vulture in Nepal under the protection of Vulture Conservation Breeding Center (VCBC). This scavenger bird plays a vital role in maintaining healthy wildlife habitate by feeding on the carcasses of dead animals which can be hazardous to other wildlife. To insure their safety the government has put a ban on diclofenac. Asian Wooly-Neck Stork The Woolly-necked Stork as known as White necked Stork is found in Asia countries and some parts of Africa. They are most likely to be found in wetlands, ponds, dams and are capable of long flights. They build their nests on tress with sticks 10–30 m above ground. These birds have black head, white neck and body, red legs, black bill. The upper parts are dark green. Both genders are alike where as chick of these birds are duller than adult ones. Breeding generally takes place August-November when female bird lays 2–5 eggs in a clutch. Their mainly prey on insects, worms, fish, crabs, frogs, lizards, small reptiles and large insects. They are seen in Karnali river of Nepal. They come under the category of Vulnerable in the IUCN red list. Steppe Eagle: Like all eagles the steppe eagle belongs to the Accipitridae family. They are listed under the category of Endangered in the IUCN red list. This bird is the national bird of Egypt and can be spotted in the national flag of Kazakhstan. In Nepal they are spotted at Khare during their long distance migration. Just like with the white-rumped vulture many are victims of renal failure due to diclofenac poisoning. Habitat loss is the greatest threat as their natural Steppe habitat is converted into agricultural lands. They are also very susceptible collisions with power lines and wind power development. Spiny Babbler Locally known as kande bhyakur, the spiny babbler is only found in Nepal. This species of bird falls under the family Leiothrichidae of the bird species. It is predominantly a shy bird but can be seen in the early breeding season when the males sing out in the open. It lives in dense scrubs and mounts branches of bushes and small trees to sing. It can be seen in Kathmandu valley around the Godavari and Phulchoki Area. You can visit Nepal for the best Bird watching experience. Nepal Bird Watching Tour is an attention-grabbing hike around beautiful natural and wildlife destinations around Nepal. Nepal is a country with attractive natural wilderness, variety of tropical forest and entire wildlife. It offers you to view some of the rare and beautiful wildlife and natural vegetation. Around 850 species of different fascinating and rare birds with remarkable attractive sightseeing destinations is available all around the world.

Date:2019-12-24 11:10:30
Location: kathmandu, Nepal.
Contact:, 9851214726.

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