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Water Tank Cleaning Services in Kathmandu

Water Tank Cleaning Services in Kathmandu. [call 9857072060 or 9808117453] FEATURES: • First Time in Nepal hygienic and mechanised cleaning solution. • Nominal Service Charge (min cost NRS 3000, max depends upon the capacity of tank) • International Standard, 6- Phase Cleaning Process (ECOCLEAN Technology) • ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Anti- Bacterial Agent. • Anti-Bacterial Spray to disinfect Walls of Tanks • UV treatment to kill bacteria in Space of tank • 100% bacteria free guaranteed • Pollution free, Environmental friendly • Free Site Inspection Call: 9857072060 or 9808117453 Email: Web: READ MORE. Water is the basic necessity in our everyday life. We use water practically for everything. This also makes us vulnerable to problems caused by contaminated water. So going for professional water tank cleaning services is a must to keep the water we use clean and healthy. When should you get water tank cleaning done? In today’s world, we get water supplied to our homes directly. But this water supply is limited to some specific times, so we need to store them. Two ways of storing water are: - · Underground water storage. · Overhead water tank (Rooftop e.g. Hilltake, Nepatop etc.) As we go for storing water artificially in a limited space of the tank, we should always maintain a clean tank to keep the stored water fresh and clean. Some signs that signify when tank should be cleaned are: - 1. Foul smell in water (Bad Smell) 2. Rust in tank (Algae and Fungi) 3. Dead animals found in a tank (cockroach, mosquito etc.) 4. Any foreign particle found in the tank (leaf, plastic etc.) 5. You may provide room for bacteria and virus to breed if you don’t clean your tank regularly KASHYAP Water Tank Cleaning Services (ECOCLEAN TECHNOLOGY) is a First ever in Nepal water tank cleaning service provider for both domestic water tank cleaning services and commercial water tank cleaning services. Their well-trained professional water tank cleaners use hygienic and mechanized cleaning solutions for water storage tank. They also ensure usage of German-made high-pressure water jet machines for a thorough cleaning. With their water tank cleaning services you can guarantee 100 % pure and hygienic water as they use safe, effective and eco-friendly anti-bacterial agents. Underground water tank cleaning services/Sump Cleaning:- In many places, water is stored in underground tanks or underground sumps. It is then transferred to overhead tanks with the help of a pump. This underground tank storage is also beneficial to store rainwater. Underground water tank cleaning or sump tank cleaning involves cleaning the underground water tank thoroughly of any kind of sludge, bacteria or contamination Overhead water tank cleaning services: - Most of the places have an overhead water tank due to lack of space. Water is transferred to the overhead tank with the help of a pump and stored there for further use. This overhead tank may get spoiled due to exposure to the dust, pollution and all animals in the open. The chances of water getting contaminated in an overhead tank thus increase requiring overhead tank cleaning to be done. However, you can be careful to keep the surroundings of the overhead water tank clean and get it professionally cleaned from inside whenever you see signs of contamination. Call: 9857072060 or 9808117453 Email: Web:

Date:2019-01-09 16:28:26
Location: Kathmandu, Nepal.
Contact:, 9857072060.

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