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Sales Service & Training (Fully online Service, Via Internet) Deals in- Video Mi

Sales Service & Training (Fully online Service, Via Internet) Deals in- Video Mixing Editing Computer System Karizma Designing, Rishtey Yaddein, Ryssma, Photo book. Launch First Time in Video Mixing Lab- Online Srever Available here. Programme Data Storage, Install Your System Automatic Upload - Download Software & Create Your Album,Video Mixing etc. Full HD Quality with 3D Effects Digital Video Mixing & Editing By World Class System Online & Offline 3D HD Blu-Ray Disc DVD VCD Mixing Editing Capture Card, Dongle etc Photo Mixing Editing System (Automatic Karizma Designing, Rishtey Yaddein, Rizma, Photo book ) Canopus (Edius), Twister, Scenecut HD, Edit Mania, Fire X etc., Skype ID-satyamfilm email- India - Jharkhandi Mandir Campus, Balrampur, 271201, Uttar Pradesh +91 9235940250, +91 5263 232726 Nepal- Nepalganj Road Chandrauta (Chanauta) Kapilvastu Nepal +977 9805460517, 9806965790, 076540083, 9727666257, Free Download Unlimited MP3, Studio Background, PSd Dress, MP3 Weddding & New Song Collection, Software, Game, Wallpaper, Education Software, Programme Storage Twister CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT Twister HD comes with various models to suit your specific needs You can choose from 6 different model versions that offer different functions and different pricings. You can also upgrade the models as and when required. GO HD GO LIVE (COMPACT AND HANDY) Twister HD can be used for wedding, corporate, education or broadcast environments VGA input provides all the convenience to use PPT slide shows mixed with live camera inputs It has many multicasting features like independent outputs, HD, SD and analog output simultaneously, PGM, PRV and Clean feed out simultaneously, up/down converted output simultaneously Up to 8 HD/SD video inputs makes this product suitable for small as well as large events TOUGH ON FIELD Twister HD is specially designed for live events, that means Twister HD breakout box can sustain outdoor field dust and hot temperatures Twister HD is a light weight and compact 2U rack mountable breakout box with video and audio input/output connections. NEVER GO BLACK, ALWAYS BE SAFE With the unique power of Twister HD's built in hardware fail safe bypass video and audio, your camera source will be sent to output always in case computer system or power supply fails. That means no black source on output even if no power to the breakout box Twister HD can be used with computer PC and also without PC, whenever there is a power failure or PC failure, Twister HD can still be up and running with its unique standalone mode. In standalone mode, through a simple software application on a laptop, you can operate and control the video/audio inputs and outputs without going black ON AIR. ALL IN ONE No other external converters/distributors/recorders/streaming devices are required. Twister HD offers multiple functions in one box, which saves lot of money spent on other devices, saves space because only one box can deliver everything you need for live event coverage. Twister HD's inbuilt digital recorder can record in multiple formats, If you want to do live coverage in HD and you want internal recording to be down converted to DVD (MPEG2 SD), then here is the perfect solution. Some of the key features are listed below: Supports HDMI, HD, SD and analog input and output 2 Digital disc players with media sequencer Sophisticated 3D/2D transitions with 3D animation and shader materials for realistic look Professional XLR balanced audio includes Mic and Headphone Look ahead preview Tally High quality customizable multiviewer display Live web streaming is possible from the same system. Up/down conversion with multiple outputs RS-422 is provided to control external digital standalone VTR's and much more... HASSLE FREE, HEAT FREE AND TROUBLE FREE CONNECTIVITY Twister HD is powered by new TDP technology which provides fastest data transfers for HD streams Twister HD's External breakout box design is so easy to install on the field, simply connect the box to a PC with a supplied TDP cable, connect video/audio to the breakout box and you are ready for the show All video and audio processing boards are embedded in Twister HD breakout box, thus prevent problems such as loose contacts and heat generation in the computer which are generally faced in boards fitted on PCI slots in computer CREATIVITY AND CUSTOMIZATION UNLEASHED Twister HD comes with built in transition editor by which you can create your own new transitions by selecting various shapes from the readymade library such as Page turn, Sphere, Blinds, Wipes, 3D objects, Animation objects etc. You can also customize the existing transitions and save as your favourites Features Up to 8 input HD-SD SDI live video switcher Video input includes HDMI, HD-SD SDI, CVBS and VGA More than 2000 real-time sophisticated 3D/2D transitions inbuilt GoLive (real-time HD switcher application) Mix analog and digital (HD/SD) inputs simultaneous Real time video filters Animated 3D transitions with shader materials like glass, metal for realistic look Control switcher functions thru laptop in standalone mode Works with PC and without PC as standalone Professional tactile keyboard with joystick controls for standalone switching 2U external robust breakout box for input and output Inbuilt multi-format digital recorder Live web streaming Clean feed output and recording Look ahead preview/Aux output 3D animated titles Up/down conversion for converting HD to SD & SD to HD Multi viewer with customizable window presets Tally for each camera Genlock and GPI/O for broadcast environment Supports embedded audio in HDMI input and SDI, HDMI output PAL/NTSC RS-422 for controlling external devices Up gradable different model variants Some of the features mentioned above are optional Video Inputs (Varies from model to model) Up to 8 HD/SD-SDI* 2 HDMI with embedded audio 4 Composite (CVBS)** 1 VGA with VGA & CVBS loop out** Video Outputs (Varies from model to model) 2 HD/SD SDI and 2 composite program 2 HD/SD SDI and 2 composite preview 1 HDMI Audio Inputs & Outputs 2 XLR Balanced Stereo (4 mono channel) audio inputs 1 Microphone input 2 XLR Balanced Stereo audio outputs 1 Headphone output Twister HD Package Contents Twister HD I/O 2U Rackmountable Breakout Box - 1 PCI Express Card - 1 TDP Cable - 1 Power Supply - 1 AC Power Cord - 1 USB Dongle - 1 Installation Discs Warranty Certificate Fire X Monarch C-Vid FireX Pro™ is fast ruling the video-editing market. It offers options that are easy to manage, comprehensive and of high quality. For all those efficient people who believe in delivering the best to their customers will find their solutions only in C-Vid FireX Pro™. Features Built-in 4 analog input and 1 analog output Dedicated external breakout box. 4:2:2 broadcast quality Built-in digital recorder for DVD creation Built-in DVD quality stock shots Built-in character generator Changeable LG effects in any language Ultra pack support for Non Linear Editing Complete online 2D mixer with offline editing support Inbuilt TBC for all channels More than 2000 Smooth Transitions Associate special effects like Strobe, B & W, Mirror, Posterize and Still, Key effects like Luma and Chroma to get more effects PIP with soft edge multiple shapes Video Settings like Brightness, Contrast & Saturation Sequencer built in for music video Title Mix inbuilt for Titling 32 bit Text Editing Online Inbuilt Monarch DigiMix for Audio Dubbing Create digital imaging pages with Monarch Photo Art FX Interface Firex pro interface Highlights Complete Black-Box Solution: Monarch C-Vid FireX Pro™ is a complete linear black-box solution with easy-to-use software. Problems of compatibility are eliminated as FireX pro comprises of the right hardware and right software. Installation bottlenecks are eliminated, making it a complete linear solution. Complete solution for online mixing: A new low cost online and offline mixing solution. C-Vid FireX Pro™ is now linear and non-linear editing and lives mixing as well as post production solution with 2D effects. It gives perfect broadcast quality with a 4:2:2 output compliance. Built in digital recorder: Monarch C-Vid FireX Pro™ has built-in digital recorder for DVD creation while mixing in broadcast quality. You can now record your video directly on your hard disk drive MPEG-2 (DVD) format. You can also perform rewind and last frame setting like a normal VCR. Built in Title Mix, Photo Art & DigiMix: FireX is a complete editing suite bundled with modules like Title Mix – for instant online titling, Digimix – For audio dubbing and Photo Art – to create digital mixing pages. Recovery DVD: Monarch C-Vid FireX Pro™ comes with Recovery DVD bundled along, that enables you to restore the complete system as it was shipped. Just insert the DVD, sit back and relax, in no time, your system will be up and ready for work. Dedicated Support and warranty: Monarch C-Vid FireX Pro™ comprises of best hardware and software which are compatible with each other, so there are minimal or no chances of a system failure. As C-Vid FireX Pro™ is a complete linear black-box solution from Monarch, all you need to do is call us and no need to run to multiple manufacturers. Bundled Licensed software's: Monarch Photo Art® Ulead Video Studio® Title Mix™ Digimix® Windows XP Home Edition® System Configuration Intel® CPU 2GB ram 500GB HDD Monarch FireX IO card Monarch FireX Capture card Windows® XP sp2 home edition Technical Specification 1 DV input (extendable upto 4 DV) 4 Analog Input (CVBS/Y/C) 2 CBVS and 1 Y/C output 1 PC Audio Input 1 Microphone Input 1 DV Input (Can also be used as Output) optional using DV Edit Mania Highlights Complete NLE Solution More than 180 ready to use Projects Instant Highlight Title and Portrait Song Creation Easy Project Creation. Intelligent Capturing. Exclusive titles with Monarch Title Mania. Analog and DV inputs. Features Complete NLE solution Monarch C-Vid EDITMANIA™ is shipped with its own software that makes creation of NLE song projects extremely simple, easy and fast. It also includes Adobe® Premiere pro (Only with C-Vid EDITMANIA™ Pro), the industry standard NLE application that supports DV & HDV and Boris Fx for creating exclusive 3D-DVE Transitions. Thus, making C-Vid EDITMANIA™ a complete NLE solution - right from capturing footage to burning DVDs/VCDs. Intelligent Capturing Monarch C-Vid EDITMANIA™ has a powerful & smart automatic time based batch capturing feature. You just have to select the video footage timing and relax, as Monarch C-Vid EDITMANIA™ automatically captures it, stops recording and even shuts down the PC when recording is done. Monarch C-Vid EDITMANIA™ automatically captures in an alternate hard drive partition when your capture hard drive partition is full. Easy Project Mode With Monarch C-Vid EDITMANIA™ you can create instant portrait songs, highlights and titles, ceremony songs. Simply capture boy/girl/couple footage, select the project and your video will be ready instantly to export in the DV, VCD or DVD format. Also there is no need to remember capture path or the project location as Monarch C-Vid EDITMANIA™ automatically locates footage required by the song projects. Exclusive Titles Title Mania® is specially designed to create eye catching flying titles. Title Mania® has individual line effects, animated texture, wave, page turn, 3D, twist, melt and many more effects. System Requirement Intel® CPU 2GB ram 500GB HDD 3D Accelerator Card Monarch C-Vid EDITMANIA™ Capture card Video IN Composite /SVHS input IEEE 1394 DV I/O Audio IN Stereo Audio IN Capture Format DV AVI Mpeg1 & Mpeg2 Video Format PAL & NTSC Wireless video Monarch Wireless Video - Addage Wi-Free HD 100 Wireless Live Video SolutionFeatures Features Uncompressed Video No quality loss Zero latency no delay Up to 330 feet wireless transition HDMI interface Fit on any HDMI camera Can work on battery or DC power Plug n Play Transmit Wireless Video to Multiple Receivers Addage Wi-Free HD 100 Package Contents Monarch Addage Convertor Series - M-UDC-HCA2S Up/Down/Cross Scaling Mini Converter HDMI + Composite with Analog Audio to 3G/HD/SD-SDI M-UDC-S2HCA Up/Down/Cross Scaling Mini Converter 3G/HD/SD-SDI to HDMI + Composite with Analog Audio M-AD10G - Analog to Digital HD/SD Converter with Genlock The M-AD10G is perfect for converting from analog video in HD/SD components, Composite or S-Video to SDI video with the choice to embed audio from balanced analog audio inputs. It provides excellent-quality 10-bit conversion of analog video to SDI video. It accepts YPbPr or RGB Component, Y/C (S-Video) and composite inputs. Analog input signals can be genlocked to back burst signal or tri-level sync. NTSC/PAL configuration is automatic. video format, Tally control Color Bar generator are all user configurable. M-DA21 - Digital to Analog HD/SD Converter M-AD10G SDI to Analog converter includes everything you need to convert from SDI to analog in HD/SD component, NTSC and PAL video, plus balanced analog audio. It converts SDI video with embedded audio to Component, S-Video or Composite analog video and 2 Channel balanced analog audio. The video outputs can be configured as YPbPr or RGB outputs two re-clocked loop-thru SDI outputs. Addage Convertor Series Package Contents Dg Foto Enterprize - Basic is a unique photo book making software solution which aims to bridge the gap between the customer’s imagination and the final delivery in form of a hard copy. It is a photobook workflow software used to create photobooks, gifts, calendars, greeting cards, print & posters etc. A scaled-down version of Dg Foto Enterprize, Dg Foto Enterprize – Basic, photo labs can offer its customers unlimited no. of copies of the photo book software customized with their own logo and products. It is divided into 3 components: Dg Foto Xpress: It is a multi-lingual Windows based software which is used to create personalized photo products like fotobooks, gifts, calendars, greeting cards, print & posters Dg Foto Organizer: This is Windows based software installed on the print lab’s computer. It need to be connected to the internet & requires a USB dongle in order to function. You can also track the details of your customers as well as the orders you have received through the Organizer. The orders that are created in Dg Foto Xpress supplied to your customers can only be converted through this Organizer. So this will ensure that you have guaranteed print volumes. The orders produced can be sent to the lab via FTP, through a portable medium like flash drive or external hard drive or through CD/DVD via built-in disk burner. Enterprize Manager: This is an online deployment tool where all the products are defined. The product parameters like their sub-types, sizes and pricing are all defined over here. You can also define the tax, shipping and track your sales through the Enterprize Manager. System requirements Pentium 4 1.5 Ghz Processor & above Windows XP (32-bit with SP 2), Vista, 7 RAM: 2GB and above Free Hard disk space: 30GB & Above USB ports DVD ROM, Email- Video Mixing Editing- First Time Store Your Programme Data in Video Mixing Lab (Hamare Yahan Bani Mixing Ki Data Store Rahti Hai, Jisko Baad Mein Prapt Kar Sakte Hain) Please Refer Your Video Mixing in Our Mixing Lab (Safe Your Programme) Sales, Service & Training - Video Mixing Editing System (Mixing, Dongle, Capture Card & Complete System) Decorate Your Video - Mixing & Editing With 3D Animation Effects Free Download- PSD Image Studio Background, Wedding Dress, Passport Dress, Wallpapers, Bridal Lehnga Dulha Dress Hat Cap Suit Dupatta Couple Dress Wedding Sofa Chairs Sehra Ghodi Sehra Safa Beard Women Hair Style Children Dress Jewellry released movies in 2013, download movies , bollywood movies 2013 , bollywood movies songs free download released bollywood movies 2013, Wedding, Marriage, Shadi New HD Letest Hot

Date:2014-08-07 14:27:31
Location: Kapilvastu, Nepal.
Contact:, 9806965790.

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